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This is a website for car owners, car lovers, and gear heads. We want to give you the best automotive advice possible all in one place and refer you to the best resources on the internet for automotive knowledge.

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The content on this website is written by or edited by Michelle Martin, owner of Volkswagon Scooters. This website is purely informational based upon years of first hand experience.

When growing up, Michelle’s father owned an automotive shop which specialized in Muffler and Exhaust Repair. This led to a plethora of first hand automotive experience for Michelle by her father.

Michelle’s first job was at her fathers Muffler Shop and there Michelle handled part ordering, inventory and customer service. Knowing how to explain car jargon to people was an important facet of this job, which is how Michelle can explain things plainly to this day.

After Michelle moved on from her family business she went to college and received a degree in communication. Now, Michelle works for s telacommunications company and in her free time, helps her father with his own personal automotive projects including restoring and flipping cars.

Automobiles are still a large part of Michelle’s life, and that is why she made this website to blog about her experience.