According to Michelin, you should check your tires every month and every time you are about to embark on a very long journey. Very harsh weather conditions can make driving a very tiring task, especially if your tires are not in the best condition. You should only check the tires when the car has been stationary for not less than two hours. In this state, the car is said to be cold.

Very low pressure in your tires causes an understeer. This leads to higher fuel consumption. You therefore end up spending a lot of money on fuel. The lifespan of the tires is also greatly reduced. The simplicity of a pop-up pencil gauge might excite you into contemplating buying it. Alternatively, you can use the gauges that are provided at every garage and petrol station. The problem with garage gauges is that they might be difficult to read.

The general condition of the tires is also worth checking. The sidewalls should be without any cuts. Tread wear is an indication that you need to change your tire. You should always adhere to the legal limit for tire tread, which is 1.6mm for the center of a 3/4 tire. You need to change the tires whenever they the scale is 3mm.

Some manufacturers are so kind as to incorporate some built-in gauges for the tires that they make. In this case, you should look out for small blocks of rubber that are about half the depth of the tire’s tread. These are the gauges that will tell you when it is time to buy a new tire. If your tire treads are in line with these blocks, it means you should change them immediately as they are below the required tread limit!

Another commonly applied trick is to hold a ten-cent piece against your tire tread. The tread should cover the entire dotted rim that is around the coin’s edge. If this is not the case, it is time to look around for a new tire.

Tires are the only thing that will always keep you as well your used car on the road. When buying that used car, you need to be very aggressive with the condition of the tires. You should consult a professional dealer and have him check everything in order to ensure that it is in the right condition. Carrying a spare tire is a good idea although you might have difficulties telling the last time you saw someone changing a tire.

Some people tend to forget to check the condition of the spare tire. This is not good since this tire, too is exposed to conditions that might make it not suitable for use when one of your tires bursts. With this tire, the main area to focus on is pressure. Always ensure that it contains enough pressure. You never know when someone maliciously tampers with it in order to make life difficult for you when disaster strikes. Remember, your tires are your most important car parts.